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This is the concept version of 'PROJECT Dora : Zero'  , a sci-fi themed metroidvania game , where you play as agent Dora and explore the Base 17 , equip a variety of weapons and destroy the cyborg enemies !

- The codename is 'Project Dora Zero' , not the final name.
- 'Dora Diginoid' is the concept version of the project , it's not even a prototype.

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PLEASE share the game with everyone ! I wouldn't be able to continue the project without a community of fans !

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorHedi Dev Studio
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Shooter
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Godot, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Singleplayer


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I play the game so many time and I won't lie it need more work of the game but I can see this game going up, Can't wait see the update of this game. Keep working on it 

Hey dude. I recommend you update your screenshots to look more promising and attractive.

The odd scaling of the sprites. like the hud has bigger pixels than the game world and the lack of action of the character in the screenshots. like why is she just standing there?. Try to make her do something. like shooting, jumping etc. That should make the viewer think theres variation in the game.

Overall. I hope you can develop this game into something special. I believe in you kid.

a new update? what's new?

I am remaking the game from scratch .
A new artstyle , a new framework .
The project is to be codenamed "PROJECT Dora Zero" until otherwise.

When the demo is polished I think I'll share it, they still have too many bugs to promote it except with my friends gamedevs.

visually it's beautiful and unique, it inspires me to make my metroidvania game that I've been wanting to do.


I am actually still working on the framework (metroidvania framework on top of Godot Engine).
Because I had school I have spent most of the time making the story and coming up with some gameplay design ideas.
And worry not ! Now that ChatGPT is there to help , I hope I will be able to do it faster :)

i get link from lootboy (You can claim this reward until 04/06/2023) why i no can claim game for my account?

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The game is free.

Can you claim it using a different account ? 

Zadonatil. You will succeed, full speed ahead! Cheers! :)

Thanks for your support !

Is this the new "I AM RICH" App? :-D


nah it's just a joke , for fun ..
Sometimes , we have to make random decisions , who knows , it might work , maybe a millionaire will pass by and buy it , it might become the new phenomenon , the new I am rich app.. maybe you will see people posting "I bought the most expensive game ever" ..
Who knows .. and actually today the game is literally dead , 0 downloads .

Given that price I ain't surprised that there are no downloads today :-D


It was free , it wasn't until an hour ago that I made it 9.999$ , starting the "most expensive game ever" thing .

Please Add controller support.

Isn't it already implemented ? Are you using an Xbox controller ?

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I have this controller ""  windows 10 mount  this controller as USB generic controller and steam reads it as " generic gamepad : quantum-7468-2vs. The game recoganise L1 key as X key and all other key are not functional. This controller works fully in Batocera.linux and steam 

Donated. Cheers!!

Thank you so much for your support !


Wow .. that never happened to me. 

But how did you do it ? (I think glitches might be interesting for the community) 

I use cheat engine :D

Donated! Good luck!

Thanks :D

This looks promising! I'm going to try it out but will definitely donate if it plays as well as it looks 😁


Well , this is the v0.1 , it's just a prototype , and it has many problems , I am working on v0.2 , and it already started to be a real Steam PC game that someone would actually pay 10$ for . Follow the project on social media , TwitterYoutube .



please share with your friends and ask them to donate if they like the game , otherwise I'll not be able to continue working on it . Thanks .

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Are there plans to release this on GOG, Steam, XBLA, PSN, and Switch?


Yes . 

I have school , so I will just post it on Steam for people to wishlist it.  

I will try to build a community of 100K fans 

And continue working on it , until v1.0.

Then publish it on Steam. 

If I earn money from it I will port it to the Nintendo Switch.  

Then port it to the Xbox and PS . 

Share it with friends,  that's the best way to support the development of the project in addition to donating. 

Thanks :D 

please share with your friends and ask them to donate if they like the game , otherwise I will not be able to continue working on it , I really appreciate it .

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I tried to play this and I don't know what I'm doing. I have no idea what keys I need to press in different menus, because they are displayed as gamepad buttons even though I don't have a gamepad plugged in (or own one).

The only tutorial sign I found says to "not waste ammo" and does not explain any controls or mechanics, which are unnecessarily complicated (why is pressing A and D move you left and right if it's not a WSAD game?) and the only way to find them out is to press a key after quitting to main menu - and you have to guess which key, because like I said, it shows gamepad buttons.

You have to do that every time you want to remind yourself controls, and quitting to main menu quits your game without saving - without any warning or a dialog asking you to confirm quitting, so you can easily lose progress by accident. To jump back in back to start of the game, you are forced to sit through the unskippable intro which isn't that bad once, but after sitting through that intro like five times I was fed up.

Obviously if you don't have controls explained in-game, player will try to press buttons to test them - which here can easily waste your precious ammo. Which I did by accident, and then I was stuck on a bat enemy - as it didn't just hurt me, but physically blocked me from progression, so I couldn't even damage boost past him. I can jump over him, but he will chase me forever with no respite. Then I found another tutorial message that the door needs "10 ATOMS" (whatever they are) to open, jumped on the roof, fell through the roof into the facility walls, and fell out of the map.

It doesn't help that pressing up and down also fires weapons, wasting more ammo.

I think I'm done for now. There's makings of an amazing game here, but it definitely needs more polish. The graphical style is great, I really like the whole concept of Mega Man meets Metroid (with clear references to both) the platforming controls are responsive (weapons seem a bit clunky but I'm assuming that is because they can be upgraded later) - if you keep developing this, this can genuinely become an amazing game.

I don't want you getting discouraged by this comment, I see that it's version 0.1 - so it's pretty much an Early Access release, so it makes sense. The graphics are very polished, I especially like the pixelated rain effect, platforming feels nice, and the game is technically playable, so that's a lot for a beta.

Anyway, I wish you best of luck think maybe you should make some kind of a Discord for future development of the game? So people could help you test builds and brainstorm ideas?

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You can press X in the main menu to see the controls. They're listed as keyboard buttons next to the action it does or basically on the left

The gamepad buttons are on the right

The controls are also included in the description

Okay but - you can press "X" to see the controls... but that's X on the gamepad. Not X on the keyboard. On the keyboard it's actually Z I think? I don't own a gamepad so X on the gamepad is meaningless to me.

You see my point now?


Now I see, You're right though.

It is indeed as you said X on the gamepad but S/Z on the keyboard

Sorry for the inconvenience 

Didn't notice that one

It's ok! This project is still extremely promising so I hope OP will continue updating it. It needs polish, but solid foundation is there.


Yes , I am working on v0.2 , it will be basically a whole new game , v0.1 was more of a prototype than a real game , I am remaking everythng , better textures , better environments , an item equipment system , etc .. I will only release v0.2 when it's full and ready .

Keep going! :)

Thanks! I am taking my time to work on the v0.2 and come up with a great game . 


Yo! Just claimed your game and sent a donation. I want you to be encouraged and stay motivated. You're very brave! I remember being this fearless as a musician when I was your age. I hope you continue to improve and achieve more success. Keep going! 😊

Thank you so much ! I will try to do my best !
I will keep improving my game until I launch it on Steam .  I will be trying to grow a community until then  , follow me on to get News regarding the game :D I will send a free copy to all my supporters (donors , followers) .
Have a great day !

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Hey buddy!

I saw your game in a discord and it catched my attention. So I created an account to write you some critique. First of all: I didn't played the game, and I just saw your gameplay trailer on your Youtube channel. So this whole wall of text will be written by someone who randomly searches for games. One small tip: Create two channels. One for your Dev-blogs and programming progress and one for all the random things you want to upload. This adds a little bit more professionality.

All right. I hope I don't write to much gibberish, since it's hard for me to write down my thoughts without drifting off topic. I will try to write everything chronological when i saw it.

1. It's really brave to develope a game all alone (I assume) at such young age. You have my respect! I hope you will keep programming and keep the joy :)

2. When I saw the thumbnail I recognized Mega-Man. Just as a woman. You have to decide what your character will look like, but I think it's too close to the original. Maybe Dora could loot outfits and one of these is a Mega-Man homage. Or a weapon looks like the blaster. You have creativity and you are eager. I bet you can create your own IP. Hints to other games or TV shows are nice to have, but Dora looks more like a copy of Mega-Man than an original. Other mentioned Ochako from MHA. Again: A homage to her powers would fit better. Try to implement antigrav as an ability and as a gameplay mechanic.

3. I like the start screen. The "old"  design looks cool and can create a kind of nostalgia. I like it. When the controls showed up I was a little bit disappointed. These are the basics of every flash jump'n'run. You are in an early stage of developement, and I hope you will use the other buttons aswell (R1, R2, L1, L2). E.g. activating abilities or switching items.

4. I like the water drops on the screen when it rains. It's simple and not annoying. But you should increase the FOV. It looks a little bit small and it will be hard to see where you are jumping/flying when you run down a cliff.

5. The enemies and the combat need more polishing. Again: I know it's and early stage. As my previous commentator said: let the enemies react to your attacks. Let them scream, retreat, engage again, shoot something, grab you so you have to escape with button smashing... And your standard blaster needs unlimited ammo. A small amount of damage, but when it's not possible to kill your enemies without shooting, this is your only choice. Especially when you need your other weapons against walls, buttons or special fiends.

6. Tone down the voice. it's too much. Let Dora say something when she falls down a specific hight, gets hit or when she jumps after a certain time (imagine it like "exhaution").

7. When you ran into the bat I saw to indicator for your health. It seems like you have a shield, but it would be nice to know how much of it, so you can save an item for later.

8. It seems like there is a kind of weather change? At first it was a little bit dark outside and later there is a rainbow and it was lighter! If that was not intended: Make it a feature. It would be pretty cool, as long it doesn't decrease the gameplay experience (e.g. the surrounding are too dark to see an enemy).

9. The underground facility was really interesting. Add some computers or terminals with some information to these Diginoids or what happend at Base 17. Until now I have to idea whats going on.

10. Make it more obvious when a level will end. Or write in the mission book (I hope this will be added, just as a map) that you have to return to your ship. Maybe the player wants to explore the world more or looks for secrets. It would be disappointing if you can't do that.

All in all it's a good start. But I have to tell you honestly: Until now it's just an unoriginal jump'n'run. You have ideas, but these need to be expanded a lot. The world seems  to be kind of unnatural, try to involve this in the lore. Write a small intro text before you start the mission (not just the small log, but a small explanation). Show your audience what can happen in your game. Show possible abilities, like an icebeam which stuns enemies for a small time, so you can blast them with a big attack. Light up a tree, so you burn insects quickly, slow down the Diginoid with water (since they are robots), make yourself faster with slime, so you can jump over a canyon. And maybe try to increse the whole speed of the gameplay. Until now it looks relativly slow. Give the viewer a fast pace scenario to hook them. 

Look at it like this: If Nintendo would release Super Mario Bros. in 2022 and would show World 1-1 as a gameplay trailer, nobody would care. In 1985 this was a BLAST. And since Nintendo build up their IP with new features, a kind of lore and better gameplay, they still sell a lot of copies.

I hope I could tell you what I mean. Again: A good start, but not catchy enough to be more popular, in my opinion. Look at other 2D games and take these as inspiration. Build up an idea and fill the holes with cool gameplay and features or lore. Even though this whole text sound a little bit harsh, keep up your fun with programming and gamedev and become a cool creator :)

P.S.: Keep in mind that the jumping out of your ship and shooting door really looks like Samus. Get inspiration from other games, but don't copy them.

Thank you for your interest in my game !
I will consider adding your ideas to the version 0.2 .
Well , I made Dora Diginoid to be "Hedi Dev Studio's mega-man metroidvania" franchise , that's why it inspired from MegaMan and Metroid . Since I really loved "Metroid Prime" when I played it in March 2022 , also I am planning to make a Smash Bros game when I grow up , that's why I am trying to make franchises and IPs for my Studio :
- A sci-fi themed franchise (which is Dora Diginoid)

- An anime-themed franchise in our world (Dora Goken Storm , I will re-develop it)

- A medieval themed franchise (something like Zelda , I will make that in the future)

- A charming cool franchise (like Sonic the Hedgehog but the world and characters are inspired from Kuro-chan Cyborg)

- A charming cute kodomo/shujo franchise (for young boys, for girls . Such as Yoshi , Kirby , Cocotama , Pikmin . I will probably make it about about some pets )


Anyways , have a great day :D

You got some big plans boy! Good luck on achieving them!


Alright, so I played around with this for about half an hour.

I recognize that you're a younger/less experienced dev, and I will start by saying that, as such; you do have potential.  You did a great job with setting the atmosphere, I especially liked how you did the rain drops hitting the screen along with the fog and the rainbow that you have displayed in your screenshot.  ^_^

Having said that, I do have some critique I could offer; but I'd like to ask how thorough you want me to be.  I could focus solely on the "critical issues" I have with this game, or I could spell out what I believe would improve your game overall.  Either way, I hope you'll continue practicing your craft.

Thanks ! I am aware that my game has some problems , I would like you to tell me about what you found so that I know what should be improved in next versions :D


Alright, then I'll start with the things that stand out most:

>First of all, the slippery movements. It was very difficult for me to land some of the smaller platforms, I also noticed the skidding would occur even if I was dropping straight down.  Good, satisfying movements are essential especially for these kind of games!  If you want a little bit of skidding, you could probably get away with it, but you also don’t want the player to feel like they can’t control their movements. ;)

>Limited ammo.  I know you have the warnings up, but the player should have at least one attack they can use without limit; you should also make sure the player can’t softlock themself, which I fear would happen if I exhausted my laser and therefore couldn’t open any of the doors.

>Finally, the keyboard layout.  The keys you chose for jumping and movement are alright, but the attack keys should be done with the opposite hand.  Let me elaborate on this a little further: If you’re using WASD for the movements, it would be more intuitive to place the attack keys somewhere on the other end of the keyboard, like U, I, O, and/or P, or any of the letters from the lower respective rows; that way the player can use their left hand to move, and their right hand to attack.   The same logic applies if you use arrows for movement, make sure there’s a setup where one can comfortably move with their right hand, and attack with their left. (I hope I’m making sense. XD)


Those are the 3 big things I would consider revising going forward.   Now, some of the smaller details that I feel could improve the experience:

>Have the enemies react when you shoot them.  Have them flash, make a sound, maybe even push them back a little bit (That last one is optional).   Have something in place to let the player know their attack is working!

>I feel like the acid pit in the cave to the right side of the map should just be an instant death, or at least deplete your health at a far quicker pace.  Unless there was a way for me to get out (That I wasn’t finding), I was left just sitting there, waiting for my death to come.

>I tried exploring the left portions of the map, passed through this abandoned base/shelter, and when I came out I started falling into an abyss. And I just, kept falling, there was no end to it; no death or anything.

>I noticed someone pointed out having a windowed mode option, and I agree that it would be nice to have that. Truth be told I usually prefer playing windowed mode.  There also didn't seem to be an option to exit the game?  I resorted to using ctrl+alt+delete to open the task manager and force close the game.

>This last one’s a very subjective opinion and maybe it doesn’t bother anyone else, but I wish I could turn the voice volume off; I find the main character’s shouts kind of annoying.  :/

By the way...  Is that Metroid music I hear, or rather a remix of it?  I’m no copyright expert, but ya might wanna consider swapping that out for some other tracks.  If you need music but can’t compose/don’t have a composer, I’d suggest giving a look!   There’s a bunch of free assets that content creators will upload there, including graphics, sounds, and music.  Just make sure to investigate the license for each asset, and check to see if their respective creator would like to be credited.  :)

I hope this wasn't too overwhelming for ya; I've been doing gamedev for almost 15 years myself; you know, I was actually somewhere around your age when I was getting into it.  XD
I'm wishing you the best going forward!  :D

Thank you so much for the feedack .
The things you've mentioned are reasonable , I will add them to my todo-list for the v0.2 , I am rewriting some of the classes because I feel my code was not modular . I'll try my best . Have a great day :D


Good luck with your projects! This one looks great!


Thanks ! It's one of my "very serious" projects , I am planning to make a smash bros game when I grow up , that's why I am starting to build franchises to be included in it .

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A well-made retro arcade game featuring a title screen with a cool scanline effect and cute 2D pixel art graphics!! Thank you for your efforts!! I have one suggestion. It would be nice to provide a small window mode in addition to the full screen mode. Then, many users seem to be able to enjoy it often on Windows. Thanks again!!

Thanks ! I am glad you liked my game :D
But why would people play it on a small window though ? I can add that within a settings menu in future releases ..


This game uses 2D pixel art graphics with a retro feel. So, if you provide a small pop-up window screen function as an Option, the cute 2D pixel art graphic will look prettier on the small screen. And, like the Windows Solitaire game of the past, if this game can be opened as a pop-up window, it will often be convenient to enjoy while doing other work.

I might be the only one who thinks so with these suggestions. I expect that 'Control key setting' option and various other functions will be added in future versions.

The reason I'm making this suggestion is because I think this game is very well made, as if it were made by a professional developer. Kudos to your development skills, I'm looking forward to the next version!! - From an retro game fan who enjoyed your game in Korea

Thank you :D

lol megaman in the ochako suit.


hehe yup , you don't see a mega man style game with a cute girl protoganist too often . That's why I had to make one .

Thank you. It looks really nice

I hope you enjoy my game :D Consider sharing it with your friends , it will be the best way to support me :)

dora looks like ochako with the uravity suit, so pretty ♥

Yeah maybe :D

thank you for the freebie

I hope you enjoy my game :D